Easton - EA90 Cranks - 175mm

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The EA90 ticks all the boxes for today’s gravel, cyclocross and road riders; expansive ring combinations in 1x and 2x, a 30mm alloy spindle, CINCH power meter compatibility and BB options across all relevant frame standards. EA90 is a welcome addition to the Easton CINCH family, quite possibly the most versatile cranks you will ever own.


Increasingly popular 1x setups and Direct Mount systems have many advantages including weight and simplicity. Nowadays, adaptability is everything. Particularly in cyclocross, the need to change the chainring effortlessly is often overlooked. With the Cinch Direct Mount System of the EA90 aluminium crank these problems are a thing of the past.
Included in delivery: Crank arms with hollow spindle without bottom bracket, spider and chainring
Material: Aluminium ||| Steel
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

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